A population dynamical model of Operophtera brumata, L. extended by climatic factors

Kúti , Zsuzsanna, Hirka, Anikó, Hufnagel, Levente and Ladányi, Márta (2011) A population dynamical model of Operophtera brumata, L. extended by climatic factors. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research, 9 (4). pp. 433-447.

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Setting out from the database of Operophtera brumata, L. in between 1973 and 2000 due to the Light Trap Network in Hungary, we introduce a simple theta-logistic population dynamical model based on endogenous and exogenous factors, only. We create an indicator set from which we can choose some elements with which we can improve the fitting results the most effectively. Than we extend the basic simple model with additive climatic factors. The parameter optimization is based on the minimized root mean square error. The best model is chosen according to the Akaike Information Criterion. Finally we run the calibrated extended model with daily outputs of the regional climate model RegCM3.1, regarding 1961-1990 as reference period and 2021-2050 with 2071-2100 as future predictions. The results of the three time intervals are fitted with Beta distributions and compared statistically. The expected changes are discussed.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:Operophtera brumata, L., population dynamical model, climatic indicators, climate change, RegCM
Divisions:Faculty of Horticultural Science > Department of Mathematics and Informatics
Subjects:Plant protection
Projects:TÁMOP 4.2.1/B- 09/1/KMR-2010-0005
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