Family Business Succession in Austria – Satisfaction and the Incumbent-successor Relationship

Ziniel, Wolfgang and Voithofer, Peter (2016) Family Business Succession in Austria – Satisfaction and the Incumbent-successor Relationship. Vezetéstudomány - Budapest Management Review, 47 (11). pp. 29-37. DOI 10.14267/VEZTUD.2016.11.04

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The transfer of businesses contributes to the dynamics and the development of the economy in Austria. Successful transfers generate numerous positive impacts. Securing both employment and investment, creating new jobs and stimulating growth are some of these effects. Failed transfers can contribute to negative effects, including the loss of jobs and an economic slowdown. Over recent years the number of business handovers in Austria has been rising. The forecasts show that this number will remain high over the next few years. Between 2015 and 2024 more than 42,000 economically sound SMEs will face the challenge of finding an appropriate successor. This means that 26 % of all Austrian SMEs (excluding one-person businesses) and 29 % of all employees in these companies will be affected. The aim of this paper is to provide a multi-faceted discussion of the relevance of affective components in family business transfers. A “good” relationship between the successor and the departing owner fosters the success of a transfer. This relationship involves, among others, the willingness to share relevant information, openness and respect. The satisfaction (with the completed business transfer) is closely interrelated with the relationship between the successor and the departing owner. Consequently, we can assume that affective and emotional components can indeed shape the success of business transfers. Based on that, new future research opportunities are outlined.

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