Sustainability, environmental economics, welfare

Kerekes, Sándor, Marjainé Szerényi, Zsuzsanna and Kocsis, Tamás (2018) Sustainability, environmental economics, welfare. Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest. . ISBN 978-963-503-711-7 DOI

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Sustainability, environmental economics, welfare is an advanced, thought-provoking and comprehensive treatise on sustainability, environmental science, environmental economics, and environmental management, visiting and revisiting historical, present and developing theories, policies, practices and understandings regarding natural capital, agriculture, human welfare, population, environment, pollution, wealth, life, happiness, competition, consumption, cooperation, carrying capacity, ecology, ecosystem services, economic valuation, environmental externalities, risk, ecological footprint, economic growth, GDP and voluntary simplicity. This is an encyclopaedic resource that identifies and examines the environmental aspects of sustainability, the problems with our current measures, the inappropriateness of our assumptions regarding the appropriateness of pollution, the “sin” of dominant paradigms, and continues on to examine key socio-economic models of quality of life and human development, considering many “if” statements regarding the extent and pace of development. It presents visions for possible (sustainable) paths forward, suggesting alternative assessments and principles to follow to keep the economy within the limits of Earth’s carrying capacity. It includes an excellent discussion on resilience, limits and ecological footprint and an outstanding description of total economic valuation. John Morelli, PhD, PE Professor Emeritus, Environmental Management & Technology Rochester Institute of Technology

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Environmental economics
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