Tales from the wild East: Traiding with Central and Eastern Europe

Woods, Adrian, Edwards, Vince and Rein, Melanie (1999) Tales from the wild East: Traiding with Central and Eastern Europe. Vezetéstudomány - Management and Business Journal, 30 (7-8). pp. 90-97.

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In the former system of trade in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe the State controlled imports and exports. Firms, both domestic and foreign, now have the potential to respond directly to local demand. The aim of the research was to identify how small firms in the South East of England who are exporting to Central and Eastern Europe, have responded to these developments. In particular the authors wanted to explore the stories respondents told about how they become involved in exporting and what their experience of this was.

Item Type:Article
Uncontrolled Keywords:bizonytalanság, kelet-európai országok, kockázat, külgazdasági kapcsolatok
Subjects:International economics

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