Nascent Entrepreneurship: Exploratory Research Based on Systematic Literature Review and Text Analysis

Szabó, Krisztofer (2021) Nascent Entrepreneurship: Exploratory Research Based on Systematic Literature Review and Text Analysis. In: New Horizons in Business and Management Studies. Conference Proceedings. Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, pp. 149-159. . ISBN 978-963-503-867-1 DOI 10.14267/978-963-503-867-1_14

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A brilliant idea means nothing if it stays in someone’s mind and doesn’t come to life. The process of an idea developed into a new business is very unstable, like a balloon in the wind that can blow in any possible direction. Sometimes the idea gets thrown away, sometimes it creates something extraordinary. Studies on nascent entrepreneurs contribute to the understanding of the factors affecting the intention of an individual to become an entrepreneur. Nascent entrepreneurship is a rather new topic of research. There are large number of journals on the topic only since the early 2000’s. There are several challenges in defining the topic accurately since the beginning and the end of the process is not always clear. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the idea phase and the ongoing work in progress. In addition, research results are difficult to compare with each other because of conceptual uncertainties and different approaches. In this paper the most important literary background related to nascent entrepreneurship is presented. In this study, keyword searches reveal the most frequently researched conceptual approaches to the intention of starting a new business. In the critical analysis of selected papers, the research is confined to the field of business and management and economics, which I explore with the steps of the Systematic Literature Review methodology. In the comprehensive literature review is based on bibliometric analysis and quantitative text analysis. Results, proposals and future research areas are also presented.

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