Dracula and the rights of hospitality: The axis of evil

Korstanje, Maximiliano E. (2015) Dracula and the rights of hospitality: The axis of evil. Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 6 (1). pp. 113-127. DOI

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The present essay explores the archetype of Dracula, as well as its connection to hospitality. Although abundant literature has described the historical context that led Bram Stoker to present this personage, less attention has been paid to the impossibility as evil-doers Dracula does not honor the right of hospitality. Not only he is invited as guest by his victims, but hiding his real interests. Victorian society, in which the story is situated, faced serious problems with understanding and accepting “the Other”, especially that which came from its colonies. Dracula not only defines the problem of what Kristeva dubbed “perverse hospitality”, but also represents a diagnosis of the capitalist ethos. He seduces his victims by offering diverse banquets, food, and even sex. Dracula uses hospitality to meet his perverse needs. His real interests are never unveiled. Although during the years several hypotheses have associated the archetype of Dracula as a symbol of manifest resistance to the advance of capitalism, or to the role of women in Victorian society, less attention has been paid to the idea that hospitality may be the primary criterion for defining why Dracula is an evildoer. The West has developed a sense of hospitality which is specific to Europe. Travellers are sacred persons who are protected by Gods. To avoid disasters and calamities, hospitality should be offered to aliens in the same way that God will provide us with hospitality in the hereafter. The roots of evil may be found in the violation of the sacred-rules of hospitality.

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