Finite earth, infinite ambitions: Social futuring and sustainability as seen by a social scientist

Kocsis, Tamás (2018) Finite earth, infinite ambitions: Social futuring and sustainability as seen by a social scientist. Society and Economy, 40 (s1). pp. 111-142. DOI

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In a historical sense, humanity has accomplished its mission: it has populated Earth and has used its riches and resources to its own benefit. However, from an environmental perspective, Earth has a limited amount of resources, placing restrictions on these high expectations. Accordingly, humanity clearly needs to identify new ways of living, and make efforts to develop new goals. In light of this situation, it is worth exploring what the connection is between the more or less well-known concept of environmental sustainability and that of social futuring. Is there any overlap between the two concepts, and how can one evolve from the other? Can we identify any local-level (dis)similarities regarding these two in practice? The significant potential inherent in human beings – the unfolding of which is evident on a historical scale – can make interpretation of this issue easier. In this context, it is worth identifying the cornerstones of social futuring so as not to impair human ambition by blaming it for using up the Earth’s limited resources and causing natural disasters. The goal is to give humanity new direction and impetus, while retaining the intensity of earlier ambitions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:sustainability, social futuring, ecological footprint, happiness, voluntary simplicity, strategy
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