A Step-by-Step Revision of the Treaty of Versailles? Gustav Stresemann’s Eastern Policy

Hevő, Péter (2019) A Step-by-Step Revision of the Treaty of Versailles? Gustav Stresemann’s Eastern Policy. Corvinus Journal of International Affairs, 4 (2-4). pp. 76-87. DOI

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Special issue on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the treaty of versailles


Gustav Stresemann, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and German Foreign Minister of the 1920s, is well-known for the international cooperation of the Weimar Republic with Europe’s great powers. He simultaneously pursued a peaceful modification of the eastern boundaries of Germany, while accepting the reality of the Versailles system. This paper analyses the change in Germany's relations with her eastern neighbours, as well as Stresemann’s intentions to achieve border revisions and to support German minorities abroad. It is especially exciting to consider the purposes of the German approach to the Soviet Union in Stresemann’s program, and if this could have been used to force concessions from the West. The study also sheds light on why Stresemann overestimated the revisionist potential of the Locarno Treaties, and on the remaining possibilities of border revisions that existed at the end of his six-year tenure as Foreign Minister.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Gustav Stresemann, Weimar Republic, Treaty of Versailles, revision, Locarno Treaties
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