The structural dilemma of value-chain upgrading: Hungarian suppliers’ integration into the world economy

Gerőcs, Tamás (2022) The structural dilemma of value-chain upgrading: Hungarian suppliers’ integration into the world economy. Society and Economy, 44 (1). pp. 159-181. DOI

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In the following paper, I examine the considerable impact of the recent world-economic shift that has determined the circumstances of Hungarian suppliers’ value-chain integration. I argue that as a result of the specialized positions they occupied in the value-chain after the collapse of the Comecon market, Hungarian enterprises in export-oriented industries faced a dilemma—a trade-off between obtaining the most advanced technologies (and thus access to world-market niches) and retaining ownership in the hands of domestic capital. When company managers opted to protect ownership with the help of the state, they exposed themselves to greater risk of downgrading their position in the value chain. If they managed to get access to advanced technologies (and the requisite funding), they were more likely to lose control over their company’s assets, either as a result of a hostile takeover or becoming part of the larger partner’s mergerand-acquisition plans. This paper is a discussion of some of the particular characteristics of this dilemma, as well as a comparison with the experience of Hungarian service providers who implemented a different strategy. This paper is also a critical assessment of some of the chief characteristics of the world-economic evolution that has been underway since 2009, such as German automotive value chains’ expansion in the CEE region and the growing role of Chinese capital in regional infrastructural projects.

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