Through the kaleidoscope: media consumption patterns in the participatory cross-media era

Varga, Zsolt and Nyirő, Nóra (2014) Through the kaleidoscope: media consumption patterns in the participatory cross-media era. Vezetéstudomány - Budapest Management Review, 45 (2). pp. 4-13. DOI 10.14267/VEZTUD.2014.02.02

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The paper aims to identify actual media audiences of different mass- and non-mass media types through identifying those audience clusters consuming not different but differentiable media mixes. A major concern of the study is to highlight the transformation of mass media audiences when technology, digitalization and participation behaviors are able to reshape traditional audience forms and media diets, which may directly affect the traditional media value chain and in turn the thinking and decision making of media managers. Through such a kaleidoscope the authors examined media use and consumption patterns using an online self-reported questionnaire. They developed different media consumer clusters as well as media consumption mixes. Based on the results of the study the authors can state that internet use is today’s main base of media consumption, and as such it is becoming the real mass media, replacing television. However this “new” media has a completely different structure, being more fragmented with smaller audience reach. At the same time, television is keeping its audience. However, there are emerging segments self-reporting non- or light television viewing. This is how the question of the viewer-television relation among different television viewer clusters evolves. At the same time only gaming exhibited demographic differentiation of audiences based on gender.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:media consumption, media audience clusters, digital media, gaming, media management
Media and communication
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