Civilisations from East to West

Csicsmann, László, Dévényi, Kinga, Farkas, Mária Ildikó, Lehoczki, Bernadett, Matura, Tamás, Renner, Zsuzsanna, Sz. Bíró, Zoltán, Szombathy, Zoltán, Zsinka, László and Zsom, Dóra (2020) Civilisations from East to West. Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest. . ISBN 978-963-503-848-0 DOI

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The present volume introduces the world’s great civilisations from the beginning of their formation to the first half of the twentieth century. The authors’ purpose was to go beyond the events and write a book on the history of cultures and civilisations that also elucidates the background of contemporary events which might sometimes be difficult to grasp. The importance of this endeavour lies in that it comprises in one volume all the significant civilisations still existing in our days. At the same time, the aim was to present regions, rather than modern-day countries in a complex way. It is true even if today three of these civilisations occupy a country each (China, Japan and India). On the other hand, the three monotheistic religions which evolved in the Middle East (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) influenced the civilisations of two regions, i.e. the Middle East and Europe to such an extent that it necessitated an approach via these religions. Although each civilisation is presented according to uniform principles, certain differences due to the specific characteristics of the topics and the approaches of the authors occur. Where relevant, each region is introduced by its geographical and climatic features, followed by the emergence and development of social, cultural and religious characteristics described within the given historical context. This, although briefly, may include the description of major literary, artistic trends, and e.g. religious law (in the Islamic world, for example, law permeates every aspect of social and political life). In addition, the geopolitical significance of the specific region or civilisation is also presented in each chapter. The illustrations, maps and chronological tables, as well as the glossary form an integral part of the chapters and the whole book. A short bibliography accompanies every chapter. The book authored by subject specialists from the Corvinus University of Budapest and other universities and research centres is primarily aimed at students of international relations; researchers and members of the general public, however, may also find some areas of the topics stimulating.

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