Some Notes on the Geopolitics and Geo-economics of Russia’s Post-Soviet Neocolonialism in Central Asia

Gherasim, Ioan Alexandru (2020) Some Notes on the Geopolitics and Geo-economics of Russia’s Post-Soviet Neocolonialism in Central Asia. Eastern European Journal for Regional Studies, 6 (1). pp. 87-101.

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The subject of “colonialism”, which is linked to a rather long stage in the evolution of civilization, continues to arouse the interest of various theorists and historians in the field of international relations, all the more that the concept has become enriched with the neo- and post- prefixes. As for the these novel varieties, it is said that at the end of the Second World War, as a result of the radical change in the global balance of power, the former metropolises – such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium –, have left their place to dissimulated, disguised colonial actors – such as the United States of America and the Soviet Union –, the latter being continued, in intricated manners, by its post-Cold-War heir, the Russian Federation. In this paper, I attempt to explain the extent to which the characteristics of Russia’s current international relations with the former members of the Soviet Union, which have gained their independence, but live since then under constant Russian pressure, can be framed in the logic of colonial habits. Emphasis is on the Central Asia region, a place that has been the object of geopolitical/geoeconomic disputes between several great powers, one of them being the exSoviet-imperial tutor, Russia. In order to obtain a portrayal of the Russian colonial-type behaviours, arguments of economic, political, technological or cultural substance are being provided, linking canonical scientific debates of colonialism to contextual ties among the involved stakeholders.

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