A líbiai polgárháború érdekellentéteinek kialakulása és jelentősége az Arab tavaszt követő évtizedben

Kása, Bálint (2021) A líbiai polgárháború érdekellentéteinek kialakulása és jelentősége az Arab tavaszt követő évtizedben. Mediterrán és Balkán Fórum, 14 (1-2). pp. 54-65.

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The core objective of this analysis is to provide a comprehensive picture on the current stance within Libya, where the ongoing civil war over the past years has developed to be an exceedingly complex issue as a result of the varying interests and strategies. The study aims to point out how domestic participants utilize emerged conflicts of interest among foreign actors in order to foster the enforcement of their own goals. As part of this, similarities as well as differences between the strategic toolsets and targets of international actors present in Libya are going to constitute the scope of investigation in order to present the background of the disparate assumption of risk and room for movement. Whereas the evaluation of roles in the Libyan conflict composes the focus of this work, the minimal addition of regional context is necessary for the understanding of recent developments. Qualitative sources enabling the accurate investigation of the past ten years will facilitate the successful identification of declared and perceived behavioral tendencies and will aid the reader to a clearer picture on the current challenges. The article does not fail to attempt to harness these sources in setting up an estimation on which direction the current status quo might develop should the domestic as well as foreign stakeholders not alter their current course.

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International relations
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