Globalizáció, közgazdaságtudomány, oktatás

Trautmann, László (2019) Globalizáció, közgazdaságtudomány, oktatás. Köz-gazdaság, 14 (2). pp. 16-24. DOI

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The aim of the paper is to prove the necessity of the "Principles of Economics" subject at the beginning of the curriculum. The absence of this subject is not an occasion, but a conceptu­al question, namely the hidden formation theory in the microeconomics and the macroeco­nomics. After the change of the regime, there was a general agreement within the academic economists that the meaning of the change of the regime is the capitalism and there was no need to speak in particular the capitalism per se, it was enough to study microecono­mics, macroeconomics and the variations of economics in order to understand the basic mechanism of the economy. This consensus has been over since the Great Recession and it is inevitable to study the globalization from the perspective of formation theory (i.e. it is capitalism or not) and to develop an introductory course in order to deep the microecono­mics and macroeconomics and other subfields of economics.

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